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Merino Wool – Superfine wool

Merino wool is a luxury of the modern world but this luxurious material, like all wool, started out on the back of a very special breed of sheep. The merino is an economically influential breed of sheep that is prized for its wool for obvious reasons. Its wool is the finest and softest of any sheep currently in existence. For these reasons, it is bred predominantly for this wool which tends to be finely crimped and soft.

Saxon merino sheep produce 3-6kg of greasy wool a year, whereas a good quality Peppin merino ram produces up to 18kg. The ultra fine wool is suitable for blending with other fibres such as silk and cashmere; New Zealand has long been in the market producing lightweight knits from merino wool and possum fur.

The most common application of merino wool is in high-end performance athletic wear, for sports and activities such as running, hiking, skiing, climbing, cycling and any other outdoor aerobic activity. There are a number of contributing factors that allow merino to command a premium over synthetic fabrics. Some have been listed below:

Benefits of Merino Wool

All these factors make merino wool a highly sought after product in the market today, and a luxurious material to wear.

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